Testimonial-B.A. McCormick

Like many retirees, I have been slowly gaining weight over the past 10 years, not a lot every year, but it adds up! During our winter stay in Maui, I realized that my weight was increasing further.

Emily Kobek was recommended to me by some ladies where I worked out. I telephoned her and set up twice weekly meetings. Immediately Emily was able to zero in on what I was eating that, though healthy enough, was contributing to my yearly weight gain.

I found Emily to be so helpful, compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable. I responded to all this, did what she recommended, kept my food journal, and immediately started seeing results.

Emily not only tackled the eating part, but she expanded my awareness to many other aspects of my daily life.

Emily made herself available to me, both my email and text and was so beautifully supportive of me as a personal and of my weight loss journey.

She is a real Gem!  I loved her guidance, I responded to it, and I am so happy that I found her.

I will pick things up again when I am back in Maui later this year. I would not hesitate to recommend Emily to anyone who wants to work on their nutrition, weight loss and general health.

B. A. McCormick
Chicago and Maui