Testimonial-Susan Howell-

I have wanted to lose weight for the past 2 decades, trying every fad diet that has ever been suggested.  None of them ever worked!!
Four months ago I began a journey that was very different for me from the past 64 years of my life.
Emily has been able to help me lose the weight, understand why I was troubled by not losing the weight, and having me look at the journey through different eyes.
We worked from the inside out!!  Everyday, I challenge myself to love and respect me.  The skills that I have learned from Emily have helped in the most stressful times to understand that life is full of challenges, but we know that practicing these skills the crises will pass and will be stronger.
Thank you Emily, with you,  I am a stronger person who loves and respects myself.
Susan HowellSusan Howell,
South Carolina