Strategies for Successful New Year’s Resolutions

New-Years-Resolutions-PhotoHappy New Year everybody!

2015 brings the promise of some radical life changes  life for me.

And for most of us, even if we try to extinguish the need to make a big deal out of the calendar date change, we are subconsciously programmed to put some importance on the arrival of a new year.  Maybe you’ve experienced one too many disappointments from your past resolutions or witnessed lots of people’s over-exaggerated expectations and you want no part of it.

Or maybe you are still on board to make some changes, however slight, to your life and want to be a better version of you this year.

Wherever you fall on the ideal spectrum, it’s likely you’ll want to start the year feeling better and living a life you enjoy.

I was at the music store yesterday shopping for a new guitar and the salesman asked me what I did for a living and when I told I am a health and wellness coach with training as a nutritionist, hypnotherapist, yoga instructor, Clarity Breathwork, meditation, and other healing methods he saw an opportunity to get some support in living healthier and “getting back to his fighting weight.”

I spent some time with him giving my top tips to help set him up for success as the year begins.  I’d like to share these same tips with you in honor of all of us souls who would like to live a life we love and feel good about who we are.

1. What is your plan?

So you have a goal, however vague, and you want to begin now.  What is the plan, man?  How are you going to start?  How are you going to strategize for when you want to quit?  What’s the priority?  What’s your budget?

These are essential questions to success.   It’s nice to say we want to quit smoking, lose weight and exercise but if you are waiting to exercise until you quit smoking, you will likely be waiting until next year.  My advice to you is to begin with the easiest things.

Just start something.  If it’s weight loss, exercise, eating better, quitting a habit or anything just start with a 15-20 minute practice every day.  Commit to taking a walk or stretching or push-ups etc. every morning no matter what.  Rain or shine, you are doing the thing every morning.

If you have a budget for classes, buy a 10 pack and use them in 2 – 3 weeks.  Schedule your classes, schedule your 15-20 minute walk.  You have to create time for it.

2.  Break down your bigger goal into small steps

This way your mind won’t try to talk you out of it by making excuses.

You don’t have 15 minutes a day to stretch or meditate or walk?  Really?  You know that sounds lame sauce to yourself so you are more apt to do it. You know you deserve 15 minutes a day to dedicate to your health.  Small chunks make it easier to accomplish goals.

Tomorrow, I will share the next support tips with you so you can get started with a new you.  Tonight get inspired and think about a couple-just a couple things you can do to make this goal happen.

My love and best wishes to you.  Aloha!